Tuesday, April 7, 2009

There's Been A Terrible Mistake(s)

Yet again, the lazy mind and lousy eye of mine has struck.
I've made some major mistakes and found out whilst browsing through the rants of those whom I follow on Twitter.

Note: This is regarding the post footer of each Twit. (i.e. less than 5 seconds ago from web)

1. It is written 'about 5 hours ago from web' and NOT '5 hours ago from web'.
2. For reply posts (i.e. @replytowhom), the post footer states 'about 5 hours ago from web in reply to replytowhom'.
3. For posts that were made longer than 24 hours ago, it is written as '8:51 AM Apr 4th from web'

Well, this kinda applies to those who CAN actually see it from the grainy image and who actually click on the image to see it. Apologies! Will incorporate it into future posts.

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