Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lindsay Lohan

Last Friday, LiLo reportedly scaled a wall in an attempt to get into her ex, Sam Ronson' sister's party. Here she expresses how particularly proud she was of her feat. Well, maybe she should have taken greater lengths as such to win back Sam's heart.

Transformers/Optimus Prime/Megatron

Note: I created a new kind of Twitter device- Twansformers!

Johnny Depp/ Joaquin Phoenix

The New Joaquin knows how to make a friend feel 'better'.

Zac Efron/ Joe Jonas

These are what Disney's shaping to take on the kids of the future.
Zac,I'd suggest abstinence.

Jennifer Aniston/ John Mayer

Today it was announced that Jennifer split from John. I don't think anyone felt sorry for either of them.

Maybe just Jennifer.

Another Thing I've Learned

It just keeps comin'. There's always something I'll either discover I've missed out or something new to experiment. A few posts ago, I edited the Twitter statistics sidebar and I thought it was really difficult AND time consuming.

Guess what? I discovered that recreating the profile info sidebar is double that!

From that, I've decided to make templates to make my life easier IF ever I intend to while away my time editing profile info/statistics sidebars.
And don't ask me why I continuously use Chace Crawford in my examples.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jane Austen

Jane finds herself rather unimpressed with this Twitter phenom. I guess she wouldn't have survived this new age.

If you noticed, Jane sent her Twit from her Twypewriter which is historically incorrect since she died before the first typewriter prototype was released.